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Brand guidelines

Our brand identity visually represents our promise to our customers; bringing to life how we help people move forward every day. It’s inspired by the idea that we’re constantly seeking new ways to help our customers and clients seize the moment, enjoy the experience and achieve their ambitions.


Our brandmark acts as a distinct and recognisable signature across all of our communications.

It’s made up of the open world symbol and a wordmark. The symbol represents the nature of our brand: calm and controlled on the outside, vibrant and dynamic on the inside. The wordmark has been crafted from our Barclaycard Co font, modified to ensure maximum legibility.

We have different versions of our brandmark to ensure optimal standout on all backgrounds, media types and materials, so it’s important to make sure you use the right one.

Barclaycard logo

Using our Brandmark

Brandmark image 1

Official Brandmark

The official brandmark is used on white backgrounds or over light imagery.

Barclaycard logo


The reversed brandmark is used in cyan or mid to dark photographic backgrounds.

Brandmark image 3

Greyscale and mono

The greyscale brandmark is used in white backgrounds when the full colour printing is restricted.

Brandmark image 4

Animated and sonic

The animated brandmark is used on digital platforms and the sonic brandmark is used for broadcast.


Imagery is a powerful way to tell stories as they build emotional connections between us and our audience. Our real, spontaneous and vibrant image style allows our stories to be told through photography in a unique and recognisable way.

All our imagery is shot and selected for a specific style to convey warm and inviting, familiar and recognisable, uncluttered and balanced.

Complete guidelines for the use of imagery to tell the Barclaycard story are available by contacting the Global Brand Expression team (details below).

Lady wearing a hat in the sun


This is just a snippet of our brand standards, for the bigger picture, take a look at our full brand standards and suite of toolkits.

For these, and if you have any questions about the Barclaycard brand, just contact Global Brand Expression by emailing identity@barclaycard.co.uk

For media enquiries, please contact Tom Foxton, Media Relations Manager, on 07880 184381 / 0207 116 7285.

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