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Our values


Respect is a two-way street: you have to give it to get it. It’s based on trust and an ability to see things from other people’s perspective.


We try to act fairly, whether we’re dealing with customers, partners or each other. We challenge things we believe are wrong and we’re open to being challenged by others.


We try to surpass our customers' expectations in every area. We work hard to understand their needs, to develop thoughtful, innovative products, and to build trust – often over decades of service.


When excellence is expected, everyone benefits. At Barclaycard, high standards are the norm, and we support one another to do our best every time. 


Stewardship means leaving things better than we found them. It means asking, "Can I be proud of what I’ve done?" Because Barclaycard touches so many areas of our customers' lives, there are many ways to make a difference. 

We look for sustainable growth and real progress – not a quick win. We put our customers first, giving them the best possible advice and products, and believe the profits will follow. Through our values, we want to help people achieve their ambitions, and to set the standard for how banking should be done.