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Investing in the future with The Prince’s Trust

Our partner charities are incredibly important to us.

Working with experts in the charitable sector helps us make a bigger difference in contributing to growth and supporting our communities. And as a major payments brand in the UK, US and Germany, we think there’s plenty we can do to help our partner charities succeed.

A history of building futures

The Prince’s Trust is one of those charities. Over the last 40 years, The Trust has helped hundreds of thousands of young people develop the confidence and skills they need to overcome the challenges they face to their prosperity and move into work, education or training.

The Prince’s Trust has been a group partner for many years, supporting our 5 Million Young Futures ambition.  The Trust have tremendous impact on the beneficiaries it supports and our colleagues who have given their time and expertise to support young disadvantaged people access the skills they needs to access employment


When you look at the impact this has had on society, it’s clear how The Trust continue to be the perfect partners when it comes to our Citizenship goals. We’re addressing these concerns through the products & services we offer individuals and small & medium enterprises, and by empowering customers & clients through digital and financial literacy skills training.

Real changes, lasting benefits

By working with young people to achieve such real and lasting changes, including increased employability, personal development, and reduced offending and re-offending, The Prince’s Trust is, strengthening the very foundations of society for the benefit of everyone.

In their 40th anniversary report, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, President of The Prince’s Trust, said: “Over the last forty years, the work of my Trust has shown it is within our power to transform young lives for the better. I feel enormously proud that three in four young people move into work, education or training after receiving support from my Trust, and hundreds of thousands of young people have been helped since its humble beginnings back in 1976.”

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Over just the last ten years, they’ve returned £1.4 billion in benefits to the UK through its help for disadvantaged young people. *  And the future of our society depends on the prosperity of our youth.

Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust

Our partnership with the Trust to deliver our Shared Growth Ambition supporting individuals gain the skills they need access real job opportunities with our clients, suppliers and high-growth businesses.  We believe that by connecting individuals with the skills they need to access jobs, whilst also supporting businesses to grow and create employment opportunities, we create a clear pathway for individuals to access employment.  

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* https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/about-the-trust/research-policies-reports/40-years-impact