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What does citizenship mean to Barclaycard?

Healthy economies need strong banks to drive economic growth and social progress. And Barclays has an opportunity to play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and facilitating inclusive, shared growth for all – today and for future generations. 

Barclays’ Shared Growth Ambition  is about making decisions and doing business that provides our clients, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve with access to a prosperous future. And at Barclaycard, we’re drawing on our 50 years’ experience of helping people buy and sell however they want to play our part.

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Access to financial and digital empowerment

Since Barclaycard was born in 1966, we’ve been helping customers make and clients take payments, and our innovations have helped empower individuals. We were the first company to encourage women to get a credit card in 1973, and our spend data has supported consumers and merchants since 1990.

Some consumers and SMEs across the world don’t have access to suitable financial products and services. They might lack a credit record, access to digital services, or financial literacy. Take the US – there, 45 million people have no credit score and so can’t access mainstream credit.

We’re addressing these concerns through the products & services we offer individuals and small & medium enterprises, and by empowering customers & clients through digital and financial literacy skills training.

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Access to employment

Unemployment is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Youth unemployment and lack of skills are two of the biggest and most consistent challenges our communities face.

Barclaycard is helping people develop the skills they need to get into work, by encouraging our colleagues to volunteer their time and skills to help young people reach their potential.

Leaving things better than we found them is about asking, "Can I be proud of what I’ve done?" And we play an active role in the very different communities in which we live and work around the world.


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