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Our story so far

In 1966, Barclays saw a need to make it easier for people to do business – for customers to buy and shopkeepers to sell. In response, they created a new company called Barclaycard. Barclaycard would be open to everyone – not just Barclays clients – and would make payments faster, more convenient, and more secure than using cash or cheques.

And since we opened our doors for business, much has changed. The world we live in has constantly evolved, fuelled by the possibilities of the digital age. And we at Barclaycard have evolved with it.

Old Barclaycard ad

From the introduction of the first credit card in the UK to wearable contactless ways to pay; from zip zap machines to e-comm solutions and from statements in the post to mobile apps like Contactless Mobile for Android – we’re constantly focused on meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers, bringing them intuitive, instant, and trusted ways to buy and sell however, whenever and wherever they want.

Today we’re privileged to have the business and trust of 30 million customers and retailers around the world, as they make 10,500 transactions with us every minute of every day.

MyBarclaycard app

But despite all that change, a few things have stayed the same. Today, we’re as relentless and passionate about serving our customers as were in 1966. With fearless curiosity we continue to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo – creating the payment innovations of today and defining the possibilities of how people will pay tomorrow.

In short, we’re not standing still. Because just like we did in 1966, we’re here to make things easier for everyone. So in 2016, we don’t see ourselves as 50 years old, but 50 years young.

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