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Contactless payments

In 2007 Barclaycard launched the UK’s first contactless card, making it easier than ever for people to make small, everyday purchases. There’s no need to carry cash or punch in a PIN number – all the information is stored securely on the card, and paying is as simple as holding it up to the card reader.

The ease of contactless has caught on quickly, and today there are more than 164,000 dedicated terminals and 36 million contactless cards in the UK alone.

You’ll find contactless at over 15,000 of your favourite retailers, from Caffè Nero and Starbucks to Boots and McDonald’s. It also enables innovative new payment methods like PayTag and bPay band.

Starbucks coffee cups

Contactless for charities

Because it’s such a fast way to take payments up to £30, contactless can also be uniquely useful for charity collections. Starting in 2012, we worked with the Royal British Legion to deploy contactless technology on London Poppy Day, giving people the chance to donate more than just the cash in their pockets. The campaign was a huge success, with an 83% increase in donations compared to the previous year.

In 2015, we hit the streets again, posting Barclaycard staff and 150 contactless terminals at 70 locations around London. Together, worked with the Royal British Legion to achieve over £1 million in donations.

To keep up with all the latest technologies and stories within the contactless world be sure to have a read of our contactless blog.

Lady paying with contactless card