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Barclaycard Contactless Mobile

Today I will pay single-handedly with Contactless Mobile

Contactless has revolutionised the way we pay, and buying with just a touch is fast becoming the new norm. Now, we’re taking things to the next level.

Using the Barclaycard app, our Android UK customers can pay single-handedly with Contactless Mobile anywhere they see the contactless symbol.

And, in an industry first, Contactless Mobile offers a seamless solution to the dreaded lost card – instant replacement cards. All you need to do is ring our contact centre for free from the app, download your virtual card and start spending straight away while you wait for your new card to be delivered.

Grabbing a bite to eat in your break, curing a coffee craving or paying for a pint can now be done with just a tap of your Android smartphone. And it’s not just the small stuff. Some shops can accept mobile payments of up to £100, simply enter your card PIN to pay.

If you’ve got a Barclaycard Visa card and an NFC-enabled Android phone (running at least the Kit Kat 4.4.2 operating system) with a UK number, just download the free Barclaycard mobile banking app from Google Play and you’re set up to spend. Sorry, Cashback and IHG cards are excluded.